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Dung Ngo

Hi, I'm

Saigon-based Multidisciplinary Designer


Heavily inspired by music and pop culture, Dung Ngo develops his artworks with iconic imagery and extensive research. Recognised for having an eye for detail and creatively approaching design problems, he does not shy away from experiments and new waves of design.




Into Saigon Market

 'Into Saigon Market' is a multi-channel campaign that promotes tourism in lesser-known local markets in Saigon.


By integrating gamification and emerging technology throughout the touchpoints, the campaign creates an authentic and captivating experience for tourists.

By transforming the lesser-known Saigon markets into tourist-driven attractions, the campaign supports the sustainable  development and positioning them as invaluable cultural assets.

Capstone 2 - Colour Graded cover.png

Gaga Stamp Collection

Inspired by Art Deco movement, this mini project revisits Lady Gaga's iconic looks in every era. 

Heavenhood VR

Heavenhood is a VR walking simulator that explores the theme of dystopia underneath the utopia camouflage. As the player progresses through the game, they interact with the surroundings and discover the underlying disturbing truth. Under the control of excessive surveillance, human lose their privacy, and eventually, their identity. Heavenhood aims to challenge the ideal standards of society and highlight the invasion of technology in our lives. At the end of the day, whether Heavenhood is a utopia or dystopia, it depends on the perception of the player.


Redaction Type

The Redaction Type Specimen Poster Series preserve the rigid, conservative look of bureaucratic legal documents with a contemporary twist inspired by the boldness of protest art/posters.

Mementos AR 

Mementos is a project taking inspiration from Franz Kafka's magnum opus Metamorphosis. The goal of the project is to turn the novel's typographic material into a format to be experienced.

This project explores the artefacts, and the symbols attached to Gregor, the story's protagonist, in the context of surreal typography and 3D animation to turn them into morphing, squeamish living creatures.


Hoa Huong Duong
Rebrand Concept

This project aims to rebrand Hoa Huong Duong - a local milk tea brand to be more modern and attractive.

Disco Queen

Fashion photography is a thing I have always wanted to try, especially with the retro concept of disco. From the start, the vibe for the photo shoot has been set to be confident, dramatic and glamorous with strong contrast to recall the retro dancefloor.


Which Face Will I Wear Today?

This is my motion graphics assignment I made during the course Design and Computing 2 in RMIT University Vietnam.

Thom Music Festival

These are the visuals for 2019 Thom Music Festival, one of the biggest concerts that celebrate indie music.

I was in the media team, in charge of the visuals of the online and offline publications.


Fanmade Artworks

Pop culture and US-UK music heavily inspires me in my design. Therefore, my favourite way to explore the world of design and experiment is to make artworks that tribute to my favourite artists.

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